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‘Leadership is about creating an environment where people consistently perform to the best of their ability.’
Simon Cooper

Does your business have what it takes to inspire and engage people to consistently deliver outstanding results?

Command and Control management isn’t producing outstanding results today because it doesn’t engage the hearts and minds of the people in their organisations or their customers.

Disturbingly, despite all the leadership programs out there, employee engagement levels are at an all-time low with 51% of employees ‘disengaged’ and a further 16% who are ‘actively disengaged’ undermining the great work that the 33% of ‘engaged’ employees are doing. (source: Gallup’s 2017 State of the Global Workplace study)

The impact of low employee engagement has a hugely detrimental effect on the client experience of your business, impact sales and return business and hit the bottom line in lots of other ways too…

• Staff retention and the cost of employing new staff

• Productivity and ability to deliver sustainable benefits of transformation

• Absence and

• Quality

So, a workplace culture where employees are engaged and inspired makes good business sense.

Today’s workforce expects to have a real connection to the mission and vision of the organisation they work for. They want to be part of something meaningful and special. The same can be said about their customers too.

If you believe that it is important to nurture employees and create environments where people work to achieve win-win outcomes, then you need Inspirational People-Centred Leadership to achieve transformational change now.

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